Walk through the streets of Rome and you will be electrified by the site of ancient monuments to generals and battles, from the Arch of Titus, celebrating the slaughter of the Jews in the years 66 70, to the Arch of Constantine to Trajan’s column. The glory of war does not end there but stretches all the way to the modern world with European Kings and princes continuing to even marry in military uniform, as did Prince William in his nuptials with Kate Middleton. Great men are those who perform heroic feats of military daring and win grandeur by vanquishing their foes..

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If that is the case, the election will not have changed that much from the government’s standpoint. The key issue for its continued political survival will still be the economy. There is triple digit inflation, widespread shortages of consumer goods, a recession, low oil prices, non working price controls, and a dysfunctional exchange rate system that is at the heart of the country’s economic mess.

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