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cheap replica handbags Supplication written about the throne of Rahman

Read this supplication even once in your life

And if you read it in the love of God and not

In love with the reward

It was said that Jibril Peace be upon you. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) came and said: “O Muhammad, peace be upon you, peace be upon you, There is no slave to call and be his sins and sins like the waves of the seas,

the number of leaves of trees, the diameter of rain, and the weight of the heavens and the earth, This supplication is written about the Throne,

written on the walls of Paradise and its doors, and all that I am, O Muhammad Anz By revelation of the blessing of this supplication and bringing it up,

And this prayer opens the doors of Paradise on the Day of Resurrection,

and no king is close to bring closer to his Lord with his blessing!

Who read this supplication the security of the torment of the grave,

and the appeal and the plague,

and wins his blessing on its enemies

O Muhammad, who read this supplication be your hand In his hand on the Day of Resurrection,

He who read this supplication be and his face like the moon on the night of the full moon when it is full,

The throat in the weddings of the Resurrection seen him as a prophet of the prophets

O Muhammad, Whoever fasts one day, and recited this supplication Friday night or Friday

or at any time,

I am on his grave and with me shining of light on him a saddle of red sapphire,

And the angels say, O God of the heavens and the earth, of this servant?

The answer, my angels, this slave from Ubaidi recited the du’aa ‘in his lifetime once, and then the caller calls on God to remove him next to Ibrahim, peace be upon him and the neighbor of Muhammad peace be upon him, Muhammad, > No slave read this supplication but forgiven sins even if the number of stars of the sky

Like sand and gravel, rain, rain, tree paper,
and weight of mountains and the number of feathers of birds, and the number of creatures living and dead, >
The number of monsters and animals,

God forgives that
and the creation of the first and others will write to the Day of Resurrection to the art of the mason and broken pens and can not limit the reward of this supplication. > The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “The Prophet said to me, ‘O Muhammad, who has read this prayer with sincerity and heart and intention?’ Or on a graveGod does not punish that dead person in his grave, even if his sins are very severe, because he has the name of Allah cheap replica handbags.