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Hermes Replica Bags Furthermore Replica Hermes Handbags, after a thorough HR TEM analysis, no MWCNTs were observed in the 3M SnO2, indicating a further enhancement of the overall porosity because of the complete decomposition of the MWCNTs.Figure 1.(a Scanning electron microscopy and (d high resolution transmission electron microscopy images of the (a, d, g) dense SnO2 spheres (D SnO2), (b, e, h) SnO2 spheres with bimodal pores (2M SnO2) and (c, f, i) SnO2 spheres with trimodal pores (3M SnO2).Full figure and legend (395K)Pore size distribution and surface area analysisThe N2 adsorption isotherms of the 2M and 3M SnO2 have a shape that is between a type II and type IV isotherm with H3 hysteresis loops, indicating the presence of mesopores, whereas the isotherm of the D SnO2 has the form of a type II isotherm, which is typical for non porous structures (Figure 2a). The pore size distribution and specific surface area of the three different SnO2 spheres were derived from the Barrett and the BET methods, respectively. Pores with a mean diameter of approximately 3 were found in both the 2M (Figure 2f) and 3M SnO2 spheres (Figure 2e), which are attributed to the outgassing produced by the decomposition of the PS templates Hermes Replica Bags.