As for your comment about Tendulkar wouldn’t have got picked till he was 25 playing for England Replica Belts, well that’s a bit daft when players like Cook, Root, Stokes, Bairtsow, Buttler etc were all 21/22 when they got picked. The number of assumptions you are making is astounding. It should be remembered that outside of the inner circle of a persons closest confidants (or even his own mind) we cannot assume to have a similar level of knowledge.

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Designer Replica Belts ICC should first try to build some scenarios before making changes to rules. The super sub was another such that was done in a hurry. Teams simple opted to have an extra batsmen for the chase to use that rule. The referral system is indeed useful to correct the blatantly incorrect decisions. When it comes to the close ones there is an element of subjectivity and in such cases the original decision must stand. The problem here is there are times when umpires tend to be unsure when they shouldn’t be, especially when it comes to spinners Designer Replica Belts.