Vision changes during pregnancyEyesight in pregnancy overview Pregnancy is well known for challenges like morning sickness, swollen ankles or back pain, but few expectant mothers are prepared for eye problems.Hormonal and other physical changes may affect your eyesight, but in most cases, the problems are not serious and go away after the birth of your baby.Vision problems during pregnancy:Dry eyesYou may notice that your eyes feel irritable, gritty or drier than usual, which can be difficult if you wear contact lenses.Treatment: Check with your GP or optometrist to see if eye drops or artificial tears will help and are safe for use when you are pregnant. Check the label on your contacts to make sure any drops dont contain preservatives, which can damage soft lenses.Distorted or blurred visionPregnancy can cause fluid retention, which can alter the shape and thickness of your cornea. Small changes may cause distorted or blurred eyesight, which usually goes away after the birth of your baby, or once breastfeeding has ended.Treatment: If the symptoms dont bother you there is no need to do anything, but if your vision changes a lot, talk to your doctor.

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