what really happened inside the hotel rwanda

Though they still love him, his wife and children clearly find his attitude difficult to live with. Jerkass Has a Point: It’s not hard to see why Leo is so upset at Bob’s presence. He’s trying to get away from his work, for one, and Bob’s behavior is not only inappropriate but of the sort likely to get you landed in jail (or, at the very least, have a restraining order issued against you) if you tried it in real life.

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Not to mention his famed “Get a Life” sketch on Saturday Night Live, wherein he berated Trek fans for living in their parents’ basement; this later became the title of his 1999 autobiography, in which he self deprecatingly admits he didn’t give Trek fans enough credit. He has since been known to show up at conventions in Klingon guise, confirming that, decades later, he is finally one of us. Since then, he’s joined Reddit (username “williamshatner”), where he refuses to be treated as a celebrity.

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