local elections send a message to washington

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Neither Lynch nor Ginsburg are as progressive as some on the Internet imagine them to be. Ginsburg is more moderate on business issues, and Lynch has held slightly more conservative views on other issues, including the legalization of marijuana. Celebrating the temporary delay in implementation of the ACA as a harbinger of the law’s end callously ignores the many Americans whose health is suffering from lack of coverage for payment. For another year, those who cannot afford expensive insurance premiums and who are too poor to be required to pay the mandate will pay nothing and just hope they do not get sick (or sicker).

Heike Henkel of Germany set a world record in the women’s indoor high jump, leaping 6 feet, 9 1/2 inches, at the German Indoor Championships. Henkel’s performance surpassed the previous mark of 6 9, by Stefka Kostadinova of Bulgaria Feb. Simmons said the House and Senate divided last year over the question of whether to apply cheap yeezy boost 350 a “strict liability” standard under which the dog owner would in many cases be automatically responsible for any injury caused by the pet. He said the Senate agreed to drop strict liability under the compromise, which provides that an owner could still call in witnesses to testify that the dog had not previously shown any signs of aggression.