O Allah, O Most Merciful, Most Merciful, have mercy on us, and on others, do not be burdened, and do not expel us from your door, and from your enemies, do not deprive us, and from the evils of ourselves, and from the evils of Your creation, O God, He does not return His liquid, nor disappoint the servant. Of them and unless God responded to you a beautiful response. O God, our response to you and you are satisfied with us

O Allah, help us to die and his grave, and the grave and its darkness and the path and its fall

And the Day of Resurrection and its splendor

O God, I ask you rest at death and amnesty at the expense.

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In case you forgot, Rush is an entertainer and he gets paid to entertain his audience. Obama was elected to bring the nation together and he did the opposite. You can vote Rush out but Obama is an easy fix.

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Jay: Stephanie Rubio, sr. Marshall: Taylor Harmon, sr.; Marina Puente, sr. O’Connor: Brianna Sotello, soph.

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