Let me say that I usually detest Patchouli, but read so many wonderful reviews of Montale that I had to try it. There is now a 100 ml bottle on my dresser. Certainly scent is probably one of the most individual matters imaginable. I have tried five Lutens samples and LOATHED them. Without exception I found them gloomy. Sa Majeste La Rose, while truly representative of a rose, is a wilted blackening red rose draped limply across a coffin compared to Montale beautiful but sadly discontinued Ta Rose which is brilliant sparkling and rickly rosey. Montale seldom disappoints me. Guess I love heavy long lasting sexy fragrances. Patchouli Leaves has the earthy note of patchouli, but not the throat clogging gagging type, It is sweet and sexy and I can stop smelling my wrist when I wear it. I most prefer it layered with Montale Oriental Flowers, a real masterpiece. My vote for best Montale of all time is Oud Queen Roses and I picket their store in Paris if they ever discontinue it!!!

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