Getting Back on Your Hooves: the story’s definite Big Bad, Checker Monarch, employs the Diamond Dogs to help her ruin her sister Trixie’s life. It’s worth noting that the Dogs don’t care about this goal, and they have no real agenda of their own either they’re Only In It For The Gems. Which is what allows Rarity to buy them off during the climax.

Replica Bags Foregone Conclusion: The very title already gives away that the protagonist defeats the Grinning Colossus by burning the rope. Foregone Victory: Defeating the colossus is the only thing to do in the game in the first place. Gameplay and Story Segregation: For some reason, you cannot simply cut the rope with the infinite axes the player character carries around. Replica Bags

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Big Eater: Pig. BigNo: Frog does this when Pig eats Dog’s birthday cake in the episode “Happy Birthday, Dog”. Carnivore Confusion: Shark Catch Phrase: “We still have all the letters. Shoot Out the Lock: In the first episode, Jack shoots the lock off the strongbox they steal from the stagecoach. Shoot the Rope: Captain Gunpowder does this to save Jack from being lynched in the miners camp. Shoot Your Mate: Jack attempts to infiltrate the Butler Gang only to find that Mick has been captured by them.

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