But having long since passed this milestone, it seems that simply having the keys to the kingdom is an ineffective defense against the looming menace of ennui. What’s more, even a cycle of endless productivity is not enough to tame the beast. Whether you join the workforce as an overworked and underpaid civil servant or devote your neurobiology to the pursuit of higher education, it is still alarmingly easy to slip into the omnipresent rabbit hole of tedium..

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While organizers eliminated the 10K this year for safety purposes, the 5K is still an option. Participants are asked to bring a can of green beans to packet pickup or to the race to support Project SHARE. Everyone who donates will be entered to win a free massage, personal training session or reiki session.

The laundry basket positively reeks. Later, when she’s in a good mood and less defensive than usual, I ask if she’s had any little accidents recently. At first she pretends not to get my meaning, but then admits she doesn’t always make it to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

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