TORONTO While the ugly fight between Tim Hortons and its franchisees appears to be far from over, a clear loser has emerged from the battle Canada iconic coffee brand.What puzzling, say marketing and communications experts, is why the country biggest quick service restaurant chain is not in full blown damage control mode after more than a week of a public outcry from its own Tim Hortons restaurant owners, their aggrieved employees and consumers.Tim Hortons corporate Twitter and Facebook profiles, normally home to the coffee and doughnut chain daily photo and message postings, have not been updated since the New Year, where the most recent postings have piled up a stack of condemnatory comments from the public.Hortons has not addressed this properly, John Miziolek, brand strategist and co founder of Reset Branding. Have an iconic Canadian brand that is being dragged through the mud. Head office responded by blaming the actions on a group of franchisees.Since then, the brand has stayed mum as the outcry has only intensified this week with a social media movement, Timmies Tuesday, encouraging consumers to boycott the chain, and organized labour protests outside several Ontario Tim Hortons restaurants on Wednesday.

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