Though, this could slide into Blessed with Suck since “The Elevator” proves that he misses out on assignments when met with such a fate. This is also the reason he wasn’t able to go on the “Aquarium Field Trip” Cute Bruiser: Maurecia. Double Standard: Abuse, Female on Male: Maurecia towards Todd.

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Don’t Split Us Up: In Season 2 at the outbreak of the zombie apocalypse, Tomo led her friends on a daring mission across town to rescue Torako at her school. Unfortunately Torako had the same idea, and was long gone by the time they got there. Downer Ending: Part seven of the third season ended with Sakaki returning to patch things up with Kagura, only to find out she’d been killed in the big rescue mission.

Possibly overlaps with One of Us: There were a few songs on Doll, Doll, Doll that sampled EarthBound and Fallout 2. Some songs from Huge Chrome Cylinder Box Unfolding feature samples from Super Mario Bros. And on Meathole, he sampled Current 93 and Nurse with Wound.

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