The massacre of Karbala and the burning of bodies Zaki

It is hidden for everyone that everyone is taking on Iraq and became a battlefield and settling accounts, taking all those who want to serve his interests come to the country of Iraq and apply his sword and Satanic illusions in a way that mixes the titles of religion and works as reformer who The Iranian intervention has increased and deepened in recent years, after which the Iranian regime has stepped up its efforts in the past few years. Fell into the trap of America, became t This is what we observe from its rapid intervention in the region and in Iraq, in particular in the name of religion and doctrine, and they have no religion or real Islam, but they are concerned about the survival of their national security, authoritarian and aggressive. It is clear that the sectarian dimension of the Iranian role in penetrating the Iraqi situation under the pretext of protecting the Shiite religious sites and shrines so far away from the crime, and changing the image of the accused of supporting terrorism to a partner in the Alice Scott nation of horrific atrocities and terrible massacres, Karbala, with its crimes and its ugliness, Reveals the inability of the nation to address the injustice, and submission, leading to the crime of the broader

This insistence on the arrogance exists since the emergence of the light of the sacred line of the Apostle, and continued to this time to the blatant attack blatant disgrace on the moderate moderate, The people of the right to contempt and mockery and slander and physical and moral warfare (and embodied the most horrific images of the massacre of Ramadan in Karbala holy attack by the deviant militias criminal on the authors of the Iraqi Arab reference to the tolerant religious authority Mr.

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