Laser Hallway: In “Cop Duty”, at some point, Zig has to pass through many lasers in open sea protecting Marina. Lightning Can Do Anything: Even give Zig amnesia. Love Triangle: Sort of an aversion. One of MLB’s most famous records is DiMaggio’s 1941 hit streak, which stretched over a stunning period of 56 games. The feat was so flabbergasting that it earned Joe D the MVP, overshadowing Ted Williams’s.406 batting average. (No one has had a .400 batting average since Williams accomplished the milestone in 1941.) No player has ever come within ten games of DiMaggio’s 56 mark.

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Fake Designer Bags Skunks, formerly classified as mustelids but now given their own group Mephitidae, have their own trope; a skunk is definitely something to avoid, but is not necessarily as wicked as a weasel. Mongooses are saved, ironically not by the fact that they’re far closer to cats and hyenas than to weasels, but by being famous for fighting snakes. In folklore this extends to mythical creatures such as the Basilisk, in which case the weasel and its cousins may well be portrayed as heroes.. Fake Designer Bags

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