Lighter and Softer: On a cosmetic level, Maximum Tune is this to the original Wangan Midnight arcade games. The original games look fairly dark and mostly use white and orange lighting with not a lot of visual fluff, while in Maximum Tune buildings look a lot more vibrantnote the Daikanransha Ferris wheel that can be seen on the Wangan sen for example has rather dull looking green and blue lights in Wangan Midnight and Wangan Midnight R, but from Maximum Tune onwards it has pink, blue, and purple lights that are far more vibrant and animated, and there’s a gratuitous fireworks show that happens when rounding the corner west of the Rainbow Bridge. Also, Maximum Tune allows racing during the daytime, unlike in Wangan Midnight where the closest you can get to daytime is starting a race at 4:55 AM so that there’s a distinct pink glow in the sky.

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