In his young grove, which is just coming into production McKenzie has a sprinkler system, with nozzles at each tree. When temperatures drop into danger zones during the winter, he turns on the sprinklers and leaves them spraying over the trees. The trees will accumulate a layer of ice, but the plant tissues will not freeze..

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The size of the hot core however is as large as 800 astronomical units (au, 1 au equals the distance between the Sun and the Earth; 150 million km). The typical size of hot cores around low mass young stars is several tens to hundred of au, therefore the hot core in MM3 is exceptionally large. “Thanks to the extraordinarily high sensitivity of ALMA we needed only a few hours to discover a previously unknown baby star.

Coaches cringe and age 10 years when players make poor puck decisions at critical times. Germany is 1 1 with the Russians and headed for overtime where anything can happen, when a German player tries to make an ill advised drop pass at the Russian blueline. Pavel Datsyuk grabs the puck and goes in 2 on 1 where he scores the eventual winner in the semis.

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