Over the years, RMC has been extensively investigated and observed in organisms as simple as C elegans and D melanogaster, and as complex as rodents and primates [5]. In humans, RMC is suggested to be important in a number of behavioral functions, especially choice behavior during economic games, where a subject must learn what choice/action, in a given context, will maximize the reward they receive, or minimize punishment. Because such games are commonly used in the study of neureconomics, it is intuitive that the neural mechanisms underlying this form of learning and memory have become an important target for research in this field [2]..

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indoor led display You also note that it has no crystal oscillator. As a result it gains or loses about two minutes per day, so I have to “wind” it like a grandfather clock. These deficiencies are because it was originally intended to display the outdoor temperature, but I liked it so much as a clock that it became a clock.Conveniently functions as a full featured thermostat for the main level of my home for the last 6 months or so.It is based on the Arduino NANO (clone) and has day and night schedules for heat and cool, tells you the humidity and heat index, has programmable temp offsets and swing temps, contains a NRFl2401+ radio module for reporting status back to the central control station (and for receiving setting/config updates) and has a bluetooth module that allows for remote sketch upload and for full control of the thermostat via a custom Android app that I created. indoor led display

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