Supposedly concerning itself with reporting news from the fictitious town of Framley and its local boroughs including Whoft, Fracton and St Eyot, The Framley Examiner contains lashing of Stylistic Suck (badly formatted and proof checked text, for example) and strange surrealistic small ads. Crapsack World: The district of Batley, home to one of Framley’s most deprived estates. Every single home there is invaded every single night. On the plus side, all of the prostitutes are fully trained plumbers. Incredibly Lame Pun: “It’s never toi late to go to the toilet” is one of the more bearable examples. Political Correctness: According to one correspondent, closing the Gypsy House at the zoo is an example. Springtime for Hitler: Damium Clavlier’s attempts to get fired from the paper have included writing stories in which murderers are given amnesties and sneaking pornographic pictures into the children’s section. Given that his stories are no more weird than what other correspondents write, his attempts seem only to have made him more indispensable to the Framley Examiner Straw Critic/Caustic Critic: The Framley Examiner’s arts correspondent, Ursula Cloybeam. Her articles include a devastating and abusive attack on a local school production of Julius Caesar. Vague Age: Odgar Cushion (deceased), the Examiner’s self appointed chronicler of the bizarre, was born at some point between 1932 and 1994. Worst News Judgment Ever: “A pound coin has been fond abandoned in a phone box in Whoft.”

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Replica Hermes Birkin When Eli asks why she doesn’t use a more modern (from his viewpoint) car or even one from the future, she explains that it’s far easier to pass an old car as an oddity than a futuristic car, which would stand out like a sore thumb. Besides, how is she supposed to maintain a car packed with electronics in, say, the 1890’s? No, as far as the Searchers are concerned, Older Is Better. In addition, traveling through history requires “American steel”, which not Hermes Birkin replica only means the car has to be American made but also be largely made of steel, as opposed to plastic or some modern material. Replica Hermes Birkin

Replica Hermes Belt She Fu: The cheerleaders mostly, for obvious reasons. Shout Out: Ninotchka is a reference to the old MGM film. As mentioned above, her face turn may have been inspired by Nikolai Volkoff in the WWF, back when the Berlin Wall fell and Glasnost was happening. Slasher Smile: Both the Heavy Metal Sisters in their opening rap. Socialite: Tina and Ashley, though they were heroic examples. Southern Belle: A team of them, Tara and Scarlet. Spicy Latina: Spanish Red. And if you want a loose definition of Latin, then there’s Tina’s rap. “All my opponents know I’m a stud, what can I say, it’s the Italian blood.” Replica Hermes Belt

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