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Wholesale Replica Bags Unemployment drops steadily and there is the prospect of falling below the 20% barrier in 2018, the prime minister noted.

Only in the first half of 2017 we had foreign direct investment of more than one billion euros,
The prime minister referred to the positive prospects created after the completion of the evaluation and the market exit test and noted that Greece is once again an attractive place for
We are working to lay the foundations for a productive model, from this

There is the prospect of falling unemployment below 20% in 2018

Unemployment is falling constantly and there is the prospect of falling below the 20% in 2018, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said during his speech at the “Papastratos ABES” factory in Aspropyrgos. The bill of the Ministry of Labor that is being submitted today to the Parliament ensures the creation of stable jobs with decent conditions and protection of the workers, the Prime Minister said “We can not and must not compromise with a prospect of precarious work, can not and should not compromise with a prospect fake bags of unemployment at the levels found over the last five years, can not and should not and will not be reconciled with a perspective misery, that wants the worker insecure and constantly working, but also the entrepreneur does not have a healthy relationship with the employee and with the State, but tries to increase his speculation by moves and maneuvers under the table Wholesale Replica Bags.