Beware My Stinger Tail: Slashers are famed for the barbs on the ends of their tails. Promotional materials suggested that they could cleave a human in half, but in the show, all they can do is make lacerations. Realistically, this isn’t a good way for a predator to hunt. The Maiden Name Debate: Tom Macon was born Tom Hawkes. He took his wife’s name instead of the other way around, probably due to the Heir In Law situation. Make an Example of Them: After catching flack for allowing the Macon Seven to escape, Tom Macon has Sam lynched for his own escape attempt, leaving his body out as a warning to all the remaining slaves. Their teamwork was that deadly and effective. The narration even implied that the Brother and the Sister have been on an unanswered rampage for quite awhile. Boxing Lessons for Superman: In Arc 2, Crona goes to Mifune for swordsmanship training so he can gain more skill and not have to rely so much on yhe boost from his Black Blood.

Wholesale Replica Bags She confronted Elizabeth about it, and she then tried to deny it. Brutal Honesty: Matt asks Brian if he’s ever been in Matt’s bedroom during the affair with Elizabeth. When Matt says he has once, Matt tells him he should’ve lied. As of “Two of a Kind,” not anymore. Darker and Edgier: The first two episodes of season 2 are moving in this direction, particularly during scenes involving Guillermo, the religious zealot who appears to be on a mission to hunt down and kill all those who, like Jake, can see the patterns in the numbers. De Power: Happens to Amelia in the series finale. Warrior Poet: Syme is a poet, and, judging by his performance in his duel with the Marquis, something of a warrior. We Need a Distraction: See Duel to the Death. White Sheep Witch Hunt: A form of it is seen later in the novel when the now revealed as policemen Council members are pursued across the countryside by a mob of townspeople and men they thought were allies, led by the Secretary/Monday (who is also a policeman), who are under the mistaken impression that they are the anarchists. Wholesale Replica Bags

Replica Handbags Yes, they’re Ersatz of Tsubomi and Erika. They’re also part of another game altogether! Crazy Survivalist: Howard stockpiles food and ammunition in his secret basement for the day when Stacy stops feeding them. Cryptically Unhelpful Answer: Q warns the crew when they get the Tapestry to watch out for “No One”. So, let’s have kids fight in gruesome giant mechs! Win, YOU DIE. Lose? EVERYONE IN YOUR UNIVERSE DIES. Look up “no win situation” in the book, you’ll see this. Even the Ohs tiny farming village has one loud enough to be heard from their house. Calling the Old Man Out: Kyeong hun lashes out at his father for not realizing the nation’s mourning for Kim Il Sung comes from fear rather than sorrow. The realization ultimately drives the latter to suicide Replica Handbags.