He can then use the drained energy to heal his wounds. McDowell from Mahou Sensei Negima! has the standard “vampire sucking blood” variant. She doesn’t actually need blood to survive, but drinking it causes her to gain strength.. Kamala matches from SummerSlam and Survivor Series 1992, or Earthquake vs. Adam Bomb from WrestleMania X for evidence. Bald of Awesome Commuting on a Bus: Nowadays only makes sporadic appearances.

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Take Your Time: If you discover sentient life, they will convey extremely urgent seeming requests to you, ultimately requesting that you make a choice for them. Since the designers didn’t want to make this a Point of No Return, you can walk out of the room and explore the rest of the caves, even though this makes no logical sense. You can even make your way all the way back to the base camp and chat with your partner, Amani, who will marvel at how you discovered intelligent life, adding ‘Then you just left them in there.

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