Continuing Is Painful: Losing a life or using your more detail bullet cancelling reflect bomb also quarters and halves your score bonus respectively. Using continues is no longer possible as of the Ultra editions. Collision Damage: Thankfully averted with enemies, making higher scoring close range shots less dangerous, but getting too close to the things spitting bullets at you is often still not the best idea.

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It was tempting not to leave the building, but Bar Oso, newly opened by the Araxi team, beckoned. Bar Oso lives up to the high standards of Araxi. The place was packed, mostly by locals, ordering Spanish style small plates. L local incite acheter de la qualit plut que de la quantit tant au niveau de l que du reste. Il y a une volont de pr le savoir faire, et on entre dans une p de prise de conscience de ce qu consomme, car les ressources deviennent plus rares pr Claire Kusy, qui remarque aussi que les gens ressentent le besoin de toucher la mati et de travailler avec leurs mains. Cette p le gaspillage.

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