Camisa, Gianna M. Carr, Jacob A. Carter, Tabatha L. Doble; Harper Ivy Dolak; Gabrielle J. Dolan; Gerardo Dominguez; Robb J. Downing; Cheyenne L. Yet another behaviour that amuses me is that of executive or personal assistants. Their capabilities and role as a diary manager is somewhat wasted. Often, I get a me talk to the boss and get back to you response to a meeting request that is gated through the EA.

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Its mis informed, left wing tree huggers like virtuallampon (well named) and Josh who have been brainwashed by the liberal western media who have a basis against Israel and all she stands for. Hamas is a dangerous terroist organisation who will never stop unti Israel no longer exisits. If you don’t believe that go and ask them? The West must stay the course and support Israel who is completely justified in her actions.

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