They say it like they see it. Though it died down in the last few years, activism is coming back. Look at the Occupy Wall Street movement in the West, it was the young people who wanted change and did something about it. The symbiote bonds to the Hulk, explaining that it didn’t want to kill Peter and is curing Bruce Banner to redeem itself, but Thor attacks Venom Hulk and winds up bonded to it himself. Black Bolt removes the symbiote, but before it can be imprisoned Black Cat kills it to avenge Peter Parker’s death. What If? Brave New World: When the Secret War participants are trapped on Battleworld, the symbiote bonds mind and body to Peter Parker, leaving him a skeleton with the symbiote’s biomass forming their body.

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The commentary saying that the bumpkins who voted for Trump are going to become disillusioned after he fails to deliver misses a key point of the 2016 election. The one truth Trump noted during the campaign was that there’s nothing he could do to lose the support of his followers their votes were not transactional. A huge bloc of white voters were motivated by culture not policy..

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