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the way there are two places off-speed, one of about 10-11K (near the Grand Hotel) quickly urgency to urinate row of portable toilets,

looking back 1 year and 3 months of road Running Life
Step by Step: 2/12 Participate in the first event “Taipei Standard Chartered 10K” kick off (score of about 54 points is very good), followed by a series of events, in addition to 21K tournament, completed half horse or super half There are also seven horses. 4/9 first half of the horse (sea breeze marathon) to 2 hours and 7 minutes half mare, 11 /
Outlook 2018: evolution to all mankind life, will be completed in Q1 Challenge Ma.

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# run only accumulate no miracle
# dream of how far you can run far
# Forget mind ran on the right. Chloe Replica Handbags

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Chloe Replica And 7-year-old kept the

8:00 to get up early to go shopping all day in spring
feet are tired and do not exercise

wanted to fade high-heeled boots
foot relieve some
Y drag hesitant to put
finally step out the door
3K run around a pass
ago I was chasing a group of
wanted to give this dog ran
not feel boring
and the dog stopped several times to talk and communicate with
some reason I Replica Chloe Bags do not make
[Ni Ni] I do not make
“our peaceful coexistence is not very good”
(big New Year why onslaught it is not good for each other)
understand if I say generally
[friends] I think after some

nothing happened I started with the movement restrained
dog chase a few steps after it did not catch up
so fearful slow run
ran 5k feel chaotic 啦
and then continue to run slowly
far saw a group of dog lying on
thought that
these lonely solitary leisurely domineering Alice home away from home abandoned dogs
of sad…… Please nuns who do not stay quiet
move…… I never attacked nuns who
assured personality that
car ran more places
I think I’m more dangerous
why the case
want a dog suddenly hit me
red scare me where I would
of course not Chloe Replica.